Aren't they absolutely the cutest things you ever did see?

The Most Wonderful Dog in the Universe!

Dog Lovers since 5/18/96

Rest in Peace Keesha, We'll miss you.

Keesha Silvermist 1990 - 2002

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  4. JabberwocKEES

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  8. The Keeshond Club of America

  9. Keeshond Contacts of British Columbia, Canada

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  11. The American Keeshond Society (TAKS)

  12. The Florida Kees Homepage

  13. Daimler Keeshonds

  14. Kühl Keeshonden

  15. Halloween Kennels


At this point I'll just introduce you to our little family.

Keesha's Shadow Bear

Fridge Silverbear

Keesha Silvermist


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